Wireless Charging Coming to Intel Ultrabooks, Phones

The typical unnamed sources from the upstream supply chain are now reporting that Intel may inject its own wireless charging technology into Intel-based Ultrabook and smartphone specs in the second half of 2013. The Ultrabook itself will reportedly serve as the power source, using related software and a transmitter to wirelessly charge a nearby smartphone.

The included software, specifically designed for power charging, will supposedly offer features like checking to make sure the charging equipment is working correctly (self-diagnostics), smartphone charging control, equipment position tests and more. So far it's unclear as to what platforms this software will be compatible with although Windows 8 and Windows 7 are sure initial bets.

Data provided by Intel suggests that the compatible smartphone won't require to be in any certain position to receive the charge. Intel's solution will also feature lower power consumption on behalf of the Ultrabook -- meaning users won't see a dramatic drain on the system itself while the smartphone charges. Intel is even suggesting that the transmitter and receiver should be integrated together to lower production costs.

Notebook "players" have also thrown in their two cents regarding talk about Intel's wireless charging tech. They say that Intel's Haswell platform will probably not fully adopt the new charging tech. In fact, the experiment will likely not be seen but in just a few models in the second half of 2013. So far smartphone manufacturers haven't said a word about Intel's proposition.

Sources point out that there are several players in the industry already "aggressively" developing wireless charging technology. Japan-based NTT Docomo and Sharp have already launched smartphones with this type of capability, meeting the Wireless Power Consortium's (WPC) Qi standard. Unfortunately, the tech itself is expensive, thus driving phone prices upwards and scaring away consumers.

DigiTimes reports that Samsung was originally expected to launch a resonance wireless smartphone charger back in June. However, the device was pushed back to 4Q12 or sometime in 2013 due to performance issues. Meanwhile, the company is expected to release a magnetic induction wireless charger to take its place for the interim.


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  • CaedenV
    wireless charging? hell ya!
  • kcorp2003
    A few companies showed their products at CES 2012. i remember one of them show how you can convert any mobile phones into wireless charging if you have an ultrabook by using a piece of metallic strip on the battery to transfer the charge.
  • phatboe
    Wireless charging is such a waste. It's not like you can walk around on the street and have your devices being charged. Your devices need to be in very close contact with the charging device at that point really how hard is it to plug in your device. It really seems like a waste of energy.