More Intel Price Slashing on Quad-Core and Dual-Core Chips

Been saving to buy a new processor? Hold the phone, cause the prices are coming down again. Intel has slashed prices of certain Quad-Core and Dual-Core processors for desktops and inexpensive servers.

The price cuts have hit a new low in pricing, causing the entry level Dual-Core chips to put more strain on the low-end Celeron chip pricing. Starting from Oct 19th, 2008, Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 and Q6600 have been priced down to $193 and $183 — that’s a drop of 14 percent and 5 percent respectively.

With two Quad-Core processors now available for under $200, consumers now have the problem of deciding between Dual-Core chips with higher clock rates, or getting Quad-Core chips with lower clock rates. This is really nothing new since buyers were faced with the same decision a few years ago, between the Single-Core and Dual-Core offerings at the time.

Intel has also slashed prices of the E7300 from $133 down to $113 — a 15 percent change. The E2220 and E2200 down to $74 and $64 — 12 percent and 14 percent respectively. The Xeon X3220 and X3210 processors also seen a drop of 5 percent – down to $188.

The price drops, increased pressure on lower end processor sales only spells one thing — making way for new launches. Stay tuned!

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  • Pei-chen
    They are already selling lower than the lower price online.
  • physx7
    I was about to order an E7200 with my system... I wonder if I should swap it out with a E7300....?
  • ravenware
    The q6600 has been hovering around 189.99 (at newegg) for quite some time now.