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Intel Resuscitates 22nm Haswell Pentium Processor

Pentium G3420

Pentium G3420 (Image credit: Amazon)

Update: Intel has issued a new product change notice that says the company never intended to discontinue the 22nm Haswell Pentium processor, and had issued the prior notice in error. You can read the details here

Original Article:

Just when you thought things couldn't get any weirder, Intel is bringing back a six-year-old Pentium chip from the glorious Haswell days. The Pentium G3420, which was discontinued recently, is now back up for orders.

According to the PCN (Product Change Notification) document, Intel is "cancelling this Product Discontinuance completely per new roadmap decision and enabling the product long term once again." However, we suspect that a major part of the chipmaker's decision has to do with its continuing struggle with the 14nm shortage.

The Pentium G3420 is a dual-core, HyperThreading-less chip built on the obsolete 22nm process node. The 53W processor rocks a 3.2 GHz base clock and slots into LGA1150 motherboards. In this day and age, we doubt any consumer would pick up the Pentium G3420 so the chip's revival is likely to benefit OEMs only.

We've reached out to Intel for comment and will update this story when the chipmaker replies back.