Intel's 320 GB 'Postville' SSD May Arrive Soon

A forum post on Canadian website RedFlagDeals is reporting that new details have surfaced in regards to Intel's upcoming line of Postville SSDs based on 32nm NAND flash. In addition to the 80 GB and 160 GB models, Intel will also provide a 320 GB model as originally reported last month (story). The drives are also slated to feature a higher performance than SSD's offered by rival manufacturers.

In regards to pricing, this site and this site list the 80 GB for $276 and $261 USD respectively, and are cheaper than the existing SSDs. The drives are expected to be in stock by the end of the month, however Intel has yet to formally announce the Postville line (which should be within the week).

The post also reveals that the consumer PC and mobile models will be Halogen free, feature a 32 MB wear leveling buffer, 90 MB/sec. sequential write performance, AES 128-bit Encryption, advanced NCQ features with enhanced performance through status aggregation, and Advanced Smart Support with improved drive statistics to monitor drive life.

As for the workstation and server models, the Postville line will feature power safe write cache and all other features found with the consumer PC and mobile versions (save for the sequential speeds, which will be faster).

Expect an official announcement from Intel before the end of the month.

  • Shnur
    This may end up in my computer if it's really going down, price-wise
  • Master Exon
    I might give in later this year. $250~ seems like such a waste for 80GB... but the power... must have precious...
  • neon neophyte
    DO WANT.
  • one-shot
    This may be the SSD for me. An 80GB should be fine for OS and a few games and other frequently used programs. I hope it's ~$200-250.
  • rcpratt
    I just took my old X25-M out of my comp, got newegg to give me a refund since a) I want the 160GB instead of 80GB, and b) I want the new tech :)

    Holy crap is a Caviar Black noticeably slow compared to the X25-M. Not that anybody needed me to tell them that.
  • the_one111
    Awww... man. That ain't right.

    Now I have technological lust again!

    DAMN YOU SILICON!!!!!!!!
  • redgarl
    Is that a 3.5 inch SSD!!!!!????
  • descendency
    Advanced Smart Support... great acronym.
  • fabolous
    redgarlIs that a 3.5 inch SSD!!!!!????
    No, it's a 2.5" SSD. The smaller one is 1.8".

    Well, this is great news...except I just bought a X-25M. Oh well.
  • deputc26
    34nm not 32nm, several of these news articles have reported the wrong process node, Micron does not make 32nm flash.