Intel's Core i9-13900KS Briefly Available in Europe: 6 GHz CPU for $700

Intel 13th Gen Core processor
(Image credit: Intel)

Intel plans to start selling its limited edition Core i9-13900KS processor later this month, but some eager retailers in Europe briefly offered it ahead of the official launch. This week at least two retailers from France and the Netherlands began to sell the latest 6.0 GHz CPU, reports VideoCardz

France-based LDLC reportedly offered Intel's Core i9-13900KS for €950 ($839 without VAT), whereas Megekko from the Netherlands offered the same CPU for €700 ($700 without VAT). Such early availability of the processor that is set to become available later this month is an indicator that Intel has started to ship it and retailers probably have the stock to fulfil initial demand.

Intel's Core i9-13900KS is a cherry-picked version of the company's Core i9-13900K processor. It packs eight high-performance Raptor Cove cores at 3.20 GHz (+200 MHz)  as well as 16 energy-efficient Gracemont cores at 2.20 GHz. Unlike the regular part, the 'S' version promises a 6.0 GHz boost frequency  out-of-box (vs. 5.80 GHz boost clock in case of the regular version), but at the cost of higher TDP and price. Just like other unlocked 13th Generation Core 'Raptor Lake' processors, the Core i9-13900KS version will also support a 350W turbo mode that will increase boost clocks even further depending on your motherboard and cooling capabilities. 

What remains to be seen is whether the Core i9-13900KS version will also offer higher overclocking potential than the Core i9-13900K given that it is binned to operate at higher default clocks. The additional overclocking potential may be a tangible reason that will motivate enthusiasts to choose the i9-13900KS flavor over the regular i9-13900K model. 

The launch of Intel's Core i9-13900KS will further strengthen the company's position as the supplier of the fastest CPUs for gaming as the higher-clocked Raptor Lake-S promises to offer significantly higher performance in games than AMD's Ryzen 9 7950X.

Intel is expected to start sales of its Core i9-13900KS next week. Its official price will be higher than the recommended price of the Core i9-13900K, which carries an MSRP of $589.

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