415 Million Broadband Connections Resulting In More Than $130 Billion Service Revenue In 2008


More than 415 million broadband accounts will be active by the end of the year, according to estimates published by Strategy Analytics today. The market research expects this number to grow to 612 million by 2012.

Worldwide, broadband service revenues will increase from $130 billion in 2008 to $190 billion in 2012, with Europe, Asia Pacific and North America leading the way, Strategy Analytics said.

DSL remains the dominant broadband access technology, accounting for about two thirds of all broadband connections. However, the market research firm believes that "Fiber and WiMax will increasingly displace traditional broadband access technologies, such as DSL and Cable." There is a particular expectation that WiMax will take off, from about 4.8 million subscriptions in 2008 to 23 million by 2012.

  • Christopher1
    This kinda puts the lie to the BS that they are 'losing' money on certain people who download too much, even taking into account that these are worldwide numbers for the amount of money that they are earning.
  • gm0n3y
    Is DSL faster/cheaper than cable in other parts of the world? Where I live it is about the same price as cable but offers only 6mb/s or thereabouts and my cable connection gets 15-20mb/s not to mention way more upload bandwidth as well.
  • jalek
    I'm switching to Fios the day it's available to me.
    It'll even be a consideration when I move.

    Verizon's never been the cheapest option for anything, but I've had enough of Comcast and Qwest for a while.