Internet Explorer Has a New Anime Girl Mascot


Mozilla has that cute little red panda (also known as a firefox), so why shouldn't Microsoft have a mascot for Internet Explorer? Exactly what the folks at Redmond were thinking, apparently. Microsoft today unveiled a brand new mascot for IE, but it's not a cute fuzzy animal. Instead, Microsoft's mascot is an anime character.


Her name is Inori Aizawa and she has her own Facebook page. On it, she introduces herself as the personification of Internet Explorer. She also lists Hikaru (Microsoft's Silverlight mascot) as her cousin and says she's close friends with Nanami (Windows 7) and Yuu and Ai (Windows 8). Inori likes surfing the Internet, HMTL5, karaoke, cats (a must for any Internet browser), and mint-flavored ice cream. She has her own email address ( and is 18 years old (her birthday is the same date the first version of IE debuted).

Inori says she used to be clumsy and slow but has since matured and is confident in her abilities.

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  • back_by_demand
    Something about this mascot says "tentacle" but can't quite put my finger on it
  • mortsmi7
    Wow. I should stop reading Tom's at 3am. I see weird articles.
  • Stimpack
    Hey, guys, she's 18!
  • robax91
  • Wheekie
    I am very confused right now.
    Hey as long as Firefox doesn't do the same thing, I'll be happy.
  • Scoregie
    I have this weird feeling that somehow this is the most advanced/best feature of IE ever done.
  • Spac3nerd
    This is probably to get those Chinese IE6 users up to date.
  • smokeybravo
    In before the hentai.
  • mazty
    Here's a little context: "Inori is an anime character, created by animation studio CACANi on behalf of Microsoft Singapore for a special video that will screen at this year's Anime Festival Asia in Singapore this weekend."
    Without that it seems like Redmond have been replaced by 16 yr old basement dwelllers...