ioSafe Reveals ''Disaster-Proof'' External SSD

ioSafe's external SSD that's "disaster-proof"

There's nothing more terrifying than to lose months and months of collected media files, especially where family digital pictures and "special movies" are concerned. If a hurricane, tornado, or some other natural disaster occurs, all of that is lost. ioSafe wants to eliminate that worry with its new disaster-proof Solo solid state drive... for consumers who actually want an SSD, that is.

"The ioSafe Solo SSD with ArmorPlate technology can protect data from 5000 lb. crush forces, 1000g shocks and 20 foot drops into rubble," the company said in its product description. "Along with standard ioSafe Solo fire and water protection, the ioSafe Solo SSD is your personal or business 'aircraft black box.'" Heck, the company even claims that the SSD can withstand a building collapse!

ioSafe also said that the Solo SSD, offering capacities ranging from 64 GB to 256 GB, can be bolted to cement floors or floor joists to guard against theft. The eternal drive can also connect to a PC, Mac, or Linux machine via an eSATA 3.0 or USB 2.0 interface. ioSafe even provides a 1-year data recovery service as part of the overall purchase, but also offers a 3 and 5-year service plan as well.

For the 64 GB version, consumers will need to shell out a whopping $499 USD. The 256 GB version, with the included 1-year data recovery service, will cost a meaty $1,249 USD. Want to beef up the data protection and get the 5-year plan? Expect to pay $1,649.99 USD for the 256 GB drive.

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