Bond Returns in James Bond 007: Blood Stone

This tuesday marked the launch of two new James Bond games: Blood Stone and Goldeneye. You may recognize the name of Goldeneye as the iconic and classic Nintendo 64 shooter that you played ten years ago, but Wii owners were delighted to find out that Eurocom and Activision teamed up to remake their favorite N64 game.

James Bond 007: Blood Stone on the other hand, is a completely new Bond game which landed on the PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms. This game, along with Goldeneye, features voices from Judi Dench as M and Daniel Craig as Bond. Both of which are the stars from the recent James Bond movies and Dench playing M since the 1995 film Goldeneye.

As expected, the game is filled with action, guns, cars, and women; however, one aspect that it is lacking futuristic gadgets. If you were expecting this game to be filled with former Bond game's gadgets, you may be disappointed. Blood Stone doesn't feature any poison pens, laser shooting watches or explosive keychains but it does feature Bond's greatest new toy... his smartphone.

One aspect of the game that definitely doesn't disappoint is the car scenes. Expensive and ridiculously fast cars have been a part of the James Bond franchise from the beginning but have fallen short in most of the games prior to Blood Stone. Bizarre Creations did a great job with the new driving aspects of the game, putting the older games to shame.

Check out the launch trailer here:

Picked up a copy? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Tuan Mai
Tuan Mai is a Los Angeles based writer and marketing manager working within the PC Hardware industry. He has written for Tom's Guide since 2010, with a special interest in the weird and quirky.
  • cronik93
    It better have support for DX11 because the recommended specs for this game are outrageous.
    Operating System Windows 7 32-bit / 64-bit *2
    Processor Intel Core i7 (2.66 GHz) or fasterMemory 4 GB or moreStorage Install: 15 GB or more
    Download: 6 GB or more
    Video NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 460 with 768 MB VRAM or equivalent
  • makaveli316
    i7 in the recommended specs?
    So they want me to upgrade my pc, which is pretty fast now to play their game, which i'm sure it's not even close to a great game?
    Ok, no problem, but they need to stop bitching about the piracy and stuff.
    When i see those specs, first thing in my mind is "thank God for the torrent sites and viva la piracy".
  • mrmotion
    don't get your panties in a bunch its the recommended settings.
  • jryan388
    Well this certainly came out of nowhere... Looks great, though.
  • someguynamedmatt
    Still won't forget Pierce Brosnan.

    Either way, the graphics in this trialer all look pretty good except for the character models a little... they look like they could use a little more detail for some reason...
  • someguynamedmatt
    ^Trailer, not trialer... missed that...
  • rtfm
    Am I the only one who thinks the graphics look like a source engine game, not next gen at all, so whats with the high recommended specs????
  • Spanky Deluxe
    This looks like what the last two bond films should have been like.
  • jj463rd
    To me personally the only James Bond that I recognize is Sean Connery.
    Perhaps it's because I saw the original Bond films (even the first one)in the theaters growing up.The game in the trailer does have good graphics though.
  • nebun
    stupid...we have the hardware to make games realistic but the game companies are lazy