The Winners of a Free Copy of Just Cause 2

When the GeForce GTX 460 hit our labs a month ago, we were also supplied with 20 free copies of Just Cause 2. We decided to give those away in a random draw.

If you entered our contest last month, check to see if your name is below. If you see yourself, check your email (including spam folders) for the Steam redemption code.

To redeem the code, log in to Steam, hit the Games drop-down at the top of the app, and click Activate a Product on Steam.

The winners are:

  • Raymond Ng
  • Jonathan House
  • Aaron Hicks
  • James Deutsch
  • Stephen Johnson
  • Patrick Desmond
  • Michael Witcher
  • Geoff Petersen
  • Hans Spahr
  • Josh Turner
  • Toby Huang
  • Joshua Panton
  • Rene Borges
  • Jeffrey Lopez
  • Brendan Khan
  • Dustin Fitzpatrick
  • Karl Coe
  • David Thomas
  • David Matthews
  • Chuck Wiley

Congratulations to all and stay tuned for more contests from Tom's Hardware!

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  • dhlee528
  • christop
    One of these days I will win!!! :)
  • dman3k
    Wow... tom's is sexist! Only 1 of 20 is female. Or is Rene actually a man too?