New Kindle Paperwhite May Have 300ppi Screen, Arrive Q2

When Amazon updated its Kindle line of e-readers and tablets back in September, the Kindle Paperwhite didn't change much at all. Aside from a higher contrast display, a 25 percent faster processor, and improved touch technology, the changes were mostly software-related. However, it looks like the next iteration of Kindle Paperwhite will see some bigger changes.

According to the rumor mill, Amazon is prepping a new Paperwhite for launch in Q2 of next year. TechCrunch claims to have seen a prototype device and reports that the third generation Kindle Paperwhite will have a 300 ppi screen (as opposed to the 212 ppi display present in the current model) with an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts brightness based on the light in the room.

The new Paperwhite's display will also be flush with the edges of the device, and is made of matte glass, while the back of the device will be more like the Kindle Fire HDX. The edges of the new Paperwhite, codenamed Ice Wine, will apparently sport 'squeezable' buttons with haptic feedback. It's not clear whether this will replace the current tap-to-turn mechanism for flipping the page or if it is an additional feature.

TechCrunch reports that there will be no 'major' software improvements, though there will be upscaling for all those new pixels and a custom font. No word on a release date just yet, but we'll keep you posted if we hear anything more about this new Kindle. TechCrunch is saying Q2, which doesn't really gel with the regular fall update for the Kindle line, but you never know. 

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  • Johnpombrio
    Geez, now I will have three Kindle Paperwhites! I use them so much than any improvement is to be purchased as soon as it is released.
  • m32
    ^ Book nerd..... JK ;)
  • southernshark
    I look forward to it. I have the first gen Paperwhite and love it. But having touch panels on the sides might make me upgrade. The improved display will be nice too. Of course I suppose that I could wait for the 4th gen....
  • dalauder
    I just got my wife the NEW one. They better hold off an a refresh for a year or so--not that there's any actual reason to do it other than making sure I'm happy with my recent purchase.