Kingston, OCZ launch new gaming memory

Kingston today announced two new gaming memory models in its Hyperx series. The new modules, DDR2 1000 MHz (PC2-8000) and DDR2 1066 MHz (PC2-8500), offer 5-5-5-15-1 and run in a 2.2 volt mode.

Pricing ranges from $142 for the 512 MB versions of the modules to $275 for a 1 GB PC-8000 version and $284 for a kit of two 512 MB PC-8500 memories.

Performance memory maker OCZ also unveiled "exclusive gaming memory with a competitive price tag." This exclusivity refers to a special camouflage paint job for OCZ's "Special Ops Edition" memory. The product series will be available in PC-3200, PC2-5400, and PC2-6400 speed grades in 1 GB modules and 2 GB (2x1024 MB) dual channel kits.

Pricing has not been announced.