Kopin's Golden-i Infinity Is A Wearable Display For Smartphones, Tablets

Kopin today introduced the Golden-I Infinity smart screen, a voice and gesture-controlled wearable device that works with Android and Windows 10 devices.

The Kopin Golden-I Infinity smart screen is an enterprise level device at a price point that would be attainable for smaller companies. Kopin kept the price of the device at a minimum by eschewing the traditional onboard computing hardware. The company engineered the Golden-I Infinity to interface with existing computing devices, such as the smartphone you keep in your pocket or the tablet you carry around with you. Rather than cramming an SoC, memory, and storage into the device, Kopin’s new smart screen leverages the power of your existing hardware.

“Modular, head-mounted smart screens will unlock the next level of workforce productivity,” said Mike McMahon, Kopin’s vice president of sales and marketing in a prepared statement. “Golden-i Infinity smart screen allows companies to increase worker productivity while maximizing the return on investments by converting existing tools into hands-free, voice-activated machines. In addition, Golden-i Infinity does not add any security risk because it does not store any data.”

Windows or Android

The Golden-I Infinity interfaces with host devices through a USB 3.0 Type-C connector with DisplayPort support. The Golden-I Infinity smart screen works acts as an extended display for Windows 10 devices, and it mirrors the display of Android devices.

Kopin’s Golden-I Infinity includes a display built with the company’s high-resolution on-silicon microdisplay technology. The Golden-I Infinity includes a tiny screen that offers WVGA (854x480) resolution, which sounds like a low figure, but because of the microdisplay’s size, it's said to produce perfect visual clarity. Jeff Jacobson, the lead engineer behind the Golden-I device, explained that the WVGA display already offers one arc-minute of visual acuity, which is the limit of 20/20 vision.

The Golden-I Infinity offers a 20-degree field of view, which feels like looking at a 7"tablet from 18-20" away. The small tablet-sized display is ideal for interacting with Android applications, but it doesn’t bode well for a Windows 10 display, which is why Kopin included software that breaks the Windows desktop into multiple zoomed fragments that you can glance at as needed. The company’s software can magnify the Windows desktop up to 10x the original size, which enables you to see small sections of an application or image in full resolution.

The Golden-I Infinity also features 9-axis motion tracking, which enables you to glance around to view 20-degree sections of a much larger virtual display. 

The device is also ambidextrous, which means it supports right-eye and left-eye configurations.

Whisper Voice Technology

The Kopin Golden-I Infinity features the company’s Whisper Voice voice command technology, which enables you to dictate commands to your Android or Windows device. Kopin said that its Whisper Voice technology doesn’t just detect and isolate your voice, it extracts it from other noise to ensure your device receives a clear command, even in the loudest environments.

The Golden-I Infinity also includes a 13MP camera, which supports limited gesture inputs, as well as magnetic clips that fit on all safety glasses and eye glass frames. The clips secure to the frames with rubber bands and the magnets secure the wearable to your glasses.

Kopin didn’t reveal the release date for the Golden-I Infinity, but the company said the device would be available in Q3 2018, and that it plans to sell the wearable for $899.

 Kevin Carbotte is a contributing writer for Tom's Hardware who primarily covers VR and AR hardware. He has been writing for us for more than four years.