Lacie Announces Fuel: 1TB of Wireless Storage for iPad

Along with the Sphere and the Culbuto, Lacie today announced the Fuel, a wireless drive for your iPad. The idea behind the Fuel is to wirelessly expand the storage of your iPad without the muss or fuss of cables. With a capacity of 1 TB, users can store hundreds of movies and access the content from their iPad via a dedicated app. Not only that, but the drive can be accessed by up to five devices at a time, and users can stream to their TV via Apple TV.


The Fuel works by creating a WiFi network for other devices to connect to and is a collaboration between Seagate and Lacie. It can also act as a wireless hotspot for other devices when connected to the web. 

Lacie says the built-in battery will last for about 10 hours, so you can take it on a road trip and have each passenger watching their own shows on their smartphones or tablets.

Pricing is set at $199; availability is nothing more specific than 'soon.'

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  • vmem
    please tell me that thing works with android
  • rwpritchett
    I've already got something that does this and it's been out for quite a while now. Seagate Wireless Plus. 1TB media storage... it works with either the app or can play media through any browser.
  • xroe
    12385755 said:
    Um I already do all this and more using iCloud and my media server running iTunes. This device makes no sense for someone with iDevices.

    That may be true, but does your media server come with a built in battery while having a wifi transmitter built in all while fitting in a pocket sized space? There are plenty of uses for this that a regular media server can't easily fulfill. Combine that with being on the road with no 3g/4g connectivity iCloud becomes pretty useless.