Larry King has never searched the Internet

Los Angeles (CA) - Plagued with jokes about his age, Larry King did nothing to show an acceptance of new culture when he recently admitted that he's never done a single Internet search in his life.

The statement came during one of his TV interviews with Roseanne Barr. "I've never done it. I've never gone searching", said King. Recently, Larry King started reading viewer e-mail questions on the air during his interviews, in addition to the call-in questions that have been a staple of his show from day one.

Despite Roseanne's encouraging, King seemed defiant about never going online to search for anything. "No, thanks" and "No, I wouldn't (like it)" were the only things King had to say before moving on to a different topic. In today's day and age, there is no way someone could get a TV news job without ever surfing the Net.

King's attitude sways a bit from the norm of CNN, which has blocks of programming that talk just about blogs and other newsworthy material online.

  • graviongr
    And this is why people in my age demographic never found Larry King relevant. You would think someone of his apparent intelligence would see the value in having a world's collection of knowledge available to browse at his leisure.

    It's pretentious and you get the sense that he thinks he's better than everyone else because he won't succumb to this new "fad" that is the internet. It's like those people who go around boasting to anyone they get the oppurtunity to that they don't own a television.

    Anyways, my father said the same thing. Until I bought him a computer and showed him google and craigslist. He used to say, and I am not joking, "the internet is the devil" with seriousness. Now he will spend hours just looking at craigslist, and he thinks the entire internet is Google. Typing into the browser address bar is too complicated for him, he does everything through google first, typing in craigslist, and then following the link from the search engine.

    Anyways, it seems old people and technology clash. I hope I'm not that way when I turn their age. It seems like at this point in time we are realizing that technology scares older people, and since we grew up with rapidly evolving technology, we will better be able to adapt and transition into new ones.