Lenovo Reveals AIO PC With Motion Control, New Laptops

In addition to revealing its Flex 2 line of hybrid notebooks, Lenovo also introduced a new AIO PC and four laptops aimed at families, businesses and multimedia. Most products mentioned here won't make an appearance until July.

Lenovo A540 AIO Desktop

For starters, Lenovo has unveiled the A540 AIO desktop. This compact PC features a "super bright" 23.8-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) screen with 10-point touch input that's stuffed in an aluminum shell just four millimeters thin at its edge. Customers can easily adjust this screen from -5-degrees to 90-degrees, depending on the user's needs.

Details surrounding the hardware are scarce, but Lenovo revealed on Tuesday that the A540 comes with "top-of-the-line" technologies including up to Nvidia GeForce GT 840A graphics, up to an Intel 4th generation Core i7 processor, and JBL speakers with Dolby Home Theatre. There's also an option for NFC connectivity, and an optional TV tuner for watching your favorite shows right on the desktop.

"The A540 lets users experience touch functionality with its collection of 20 pre-loaded games and education apps," states the PR. "Users can even go hands-free with Lenovo Motion Control, which supports up to 12 gestures to complete actions like muting the volume, advancing photos or playing videos."

The Lenovo A540 AIO starts at $1,279.99 and will be available beginning in July.

Lenovo B50 Laptop

Next up we have the new 15-inch laptop for small businesses, the B50. This laptop offers multiple screen choices: an HD 1366 x 768 anti-glare touch display, a Full HD 1920 x 1080 or an HD 1366 x 768 display. Hardware choices include up to 4th generation Intel Core i7 processors and optional Nvidia GeForce 820M graphics, or up to an A8 AMD processor and either AMD integrated or AMD Radeon R5 M230 graphics.

According to the company, this model runs on Windows 7. The laptop also sports a DVD burner/player, up to 1 TB of HD or hybrid SSD storage, an optional fingerprint reader for security and Dolby Advanced Audio v2.

Lenovo G50 Laptop

Want to use Windows 8.1 instead? That's where the G50 laptop comes in, featuring up to Intel 4th generation Core i7 or up to AMD R5-M230 processors. Other features include Dolby Advanced Audio v2, a DVD burner/player, an HD display and an HD webcam.

The Lenovo B50 and G50 laptops will start at $399, and will be available beginning in July.

Lenovo Z40 and Z50 Laptops

Finally, we have the Z40 and Z50 laptops for heavy multimedia use on-the-go. They're under an inch thin, and come packed with a Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution, a DVD player/burner, large storage options, Dolby Home Theatre and a 720p webcam. Both also offer up to AMD's newest, highest performance APU processor with up to R7 discrete Radeon graphics.

The Lenovo Z Series starts at $579. The Z40 model will be available in May, whereas the Z50 will be available beginning in August.

  • CaedenV
    Hmm... those laptops don't look like they were designed in the '80s. Are we sure they are made by Lenovo?
    Seriously though, that '80s look that they took from IBM was pretty slick and set them apart. Now it just looks like just another laptop.
  • antilycus
    thank jebus they finally changed the mouse / touch pad to actually have buttons. Previousl models had the touch pad built into the buttons, meaning if you went to click on something, your mouse pointer would change to where button is on the screen, not what you were over when you went to click.

    The downside to these aluminum shells is they dent very easy and you can't repair them without completely replacing. Apple doesn't have that problem and for the record, I do loathe apple and the people that need to convince themselves that their over priced product was worth it...cause it's not. Viruses are coming out left and right for apple.
  • ferooxidan
    CaedenV, those design already exist on their previous gen laptop/ current gen laptop. Where were you before, not noticing it? still in the 80s?