LG Philips joins LG to make huge OLED

LG Philips LCD announced yesterday that it will jointly develop the world's largest organic light-emitting diode, or OLED panels, with LG Electronics.

The company said yesterday that the 20.1" panels are the largest to be made from a single sheet of glass. Last year, Sony succeeded in developing 24.2" OLEDs, but these were made by putting four displays together.

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  • kellywilliams0448
    I really like the idea of combine technology between LG and Philips. Especially now that LG OLED TV is the talk of day in CNET. When this materialized, i espect to see an extra ordinary world's largest organic light-emitting diode to be produced by these two Electronics giants. You have my support.
  • browndve
    I currently just saw on youtube an 84" OLED TV from LG that will be coming out in the market in the upcoming months.