Eyes-on: LG's First Ultra HD TV Set; On Sale Now for $17,000

The LG Ultra HD Cinema 3D Smart TV boasts has an impressive resolution of 3840 x 2160, which is four times greater than standard full HD displays. Needless to say, the display was exceptionally vivid, minor details were enhanced, and the scale was simply immersing. From the demo material, colors popped, perhaps boosted by LG's Triple XD Engine Dynamic Color Enhancer. Other features include a Resolution Upscaler which enhances lower resolution content (basically everything available right now) as well as the increasingly common TruMotion 240Hz technology.

While we weren't personally able to view the sets in 3D, the TV features LG's Cinema 3D technology and includes six pairs of 3D glasses. LG's Cinema 3D includes a Depth Controller, 3D Sound Zooming, and 2D to 3D Conversion. At such a high resolution, though, we found the clarity itself to be immersive enough without the need for 3D.                   

LG didn't focus all its efforts into picture quality, though. The new Ultra HD Smart TV features a 3-way 10 Speaker system with dual sub woofers, Infinite Surround Sound and LG's Clear Voice II technology. Being a Smart TV, the set provides users with features like App Store, Web Browsing and is Skype Ready with Built-in WiFi Connectivity. The set also includes various inputs and outputs including USB 2.0 and HDMI input.

The set carries an MSRP of $19,999, but at the launch in LA, the street price on the sticker was $16,999. For more information and images of this beautiful display visit the LG Ultra HD Smart TV product page.

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  • LukeCWM
    Absurdly expensive, but I don't care. I'm just happy these are coming to market. As volume grows and competition increases, prices will come down so I can someday own a 4k TV. And I can't wait! :)
  • slabbo
    man, i need to make more money. these rich man toys make me drool!!!
  • wiyosaya
    I wonder if this is the reason that they are not releasing their 55" OLED set. Too bad, IMHO, the OLED would have sold better.
  • falchard
    Or you can take 4 42" TV and stack them up to get the same pixel depth.
  • SneakySnake
    Absolutely useless tech in a TV, there's hardly any 1080p content outside of Blu-Ray these days, let alone 4K.

    Give me a 27" or 32" 4K monitor for my computer and I'll be pleased not a freaking 84" TV that has to upscale everything to look decent. An 84" 1080p TV would look identical in quality to this if your both watching a blu-ray
  • dimar
    If the panel could really support 240Hz refresh rate, it could be nice for gaming using Quad SLI or similar setup. But it's probably one of those fake motion tech...
  • jaquith
    Wow 3D Vision or Eyefinity for $51K + cost of PC. So for now 4K (Ultra High-Definition) with nothing to watch, no media, and by the time 4K is available in the US you'll need a new TV (or two). Not to mention WiFi for 4K streams?? Currently 1080p just made its way and still finding all HD content is tough enough; Verizon FiOS is capped at 1080i. Further, comparing an up-sampled DVD vs Blu-Ray still looks bad, so I assume it'll be the same up-sampling Blu-Ray (1080p) to 4K.

    So IMO this is for those with more money than common sense.
  • casperstouch
    Here is the link to LG's site:
  • clownbaby
    Can't wait for a ultra high def version of Baraka to come out and watch on one of these
  • jacobdrj
    My guess is that 4K is being pushed by George Lucas, so he can sell us the Star Wars Trilogies yet again on hyper HD BluRays...

    Because, while computer geeks have been wanting this for years, it takes Hollywood and Apple to push higher resolution technology.

    Makes me feel dirty inside...