Logitech DiNovo Edge Now Available in Mac Edition

A lot of people can vouch that they have at least once thought of the Logitech diNovo Edge keyboard. It’s slim, sleek, has a bunch of features – but it also costs a big chunk of money at around $200.

Logitech has now released the diNovo Edge, Mac Edition. It seems like the right thing to do, since the design of the diNovo fits the style of Mac more than it does PC. And guess what? It is cheaper than the PC version, but only by $20. Some other differences are that the Mac edition does not come with the same Bluetooth dongle that the PC version does since Apple has included Bluetooth in nearly every system it sells.

The diNovo Edge’s top piece is fabricated from a single piece of polished plexiglass. The non-removable wrist rest is finished in brushed aluminum, and several of the controls and buttons feature amber-backlit indicators which adds a nice visual touch. Although its glossy surface easily shows fingerprints, smudging, and dust – Logitech has included a small polishing cloth along with the keyboard so that you can keep it looking its finest.

Measurements come in at just a tiny bit over 16-inches wide, 8.4 inches deep, and half an inch thick – making it considerably larger than Apple’s own Bluetooth keyboard, however the diNovo is far, far more functional than it.

One thing that strikes me as odd is that the Mac diNovo does not come with a numeric keypad, same as the Apple Wireless keyboard. Ergonomically, the lack of the numeric keypad shortens the distance for right-handers to reach for devices to the right of the keyboard – this isn’t an epic feature, but it is one for those who don’t do a large number of number crunching.

To get the full list of features for the diNobo Edge for Mac, I suggest you visit the Logitech website.