Logitech's New Keyboard Has Red, Blue LEDs

Looking for a gaming keyboard with customizable LED backlit keys? Logitech today announced the follow up to its G11 keyboard with the G110. Yes, it's still a keyboard, but the G110 sets itself apart with a few new features.

The G110 has both red and blue LED backlights for the keys, allowing for complete red or completely blue lettering that'll glow in the dark. You can also mix the two colors together to create any shade of purple you like.

There are also 12 programmable G keys and M keys for custom functions and macros. If you're prone to hitting the Windows or context menu keys during gameplay, there's also a switch to disable those.

The G110 has integrated USB audio, so users can plug in any 3.5mm headphone and microphone to use it for in-game chat. It also comes with a single USB port for convenient plug ins of devices such as thumb drives or mice. Best of all, the whole keyboard only requires USB port.

Logitech hasn’t announced pricing or availability yet, but the outgoing G11 retailed for $70. We're hoping to see this on store shelves in time for the holidays.

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  • coonday
    Nice, and no stupid screen to inflate the price to a hundred dollars either.
  • duckmanx88
    Yangthe article said it'll be 70 dollars...

    "Logitech hasn’t announced pricing or availability yet". The G11 is $70. The article about the G110. The naming schemes of devices throw me off too.
  • Platypus
    omnimodis78Another keyboard - wow! How news worthy! How about posting some real news, such as the fact that in 2 months the CRTC (the Canadian equivalent of the FCC in the USA) is about to eliminate all broadband service competition in this country, basically creating a pure monopoly in this industry. That's news - but who cares right? A new keyboard is what people need to know about...
    What exactly is so elusive about the name Tom's Hardware?
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  • joshthor
    looks awesome. if its reletively cheap i will get it.
  • yang
    wow this would totally dominate my saitek eclipse 2
  • yang
    joshthorlooks awesome. if its reletively cheap i will get it.

    the article said it'll be 70 dollars...