Logitech Eschews Romer-G Switches For Cherry In G610 Orion Keyboards

Diversity in your product lineup is a good thing, we suppose, but in any that’s how Logitech is approaching its mechanical keyboard lineup. The company has been packing its homegrown Romer-G switches onto its keyboards lately, but its new G610 Orion keyboards offer Cherry MX Red or Cherry MX Brown switches, instead.

Really, the G610 Orion keyboards are essentially the same as the Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum, but with Cherry switches and white backlighting instead of Romer-G switches and RGB lighting. The chassis design and key layouts look identical.

Not that that’s a bad thing. The look (of both the G810 Orion Spectrum and G610 Orion Red/Brown) is simple but classy, and a welcome departure from some of Logitech’s gaudier designs.

These keyboards use Logitech’s LGS software, which allows you to program keys (including the 12 F keys), create macros, and set all manner of custom lighting effects. The customization options perhaps aren’t quite as compelling without colors -- you’re limited to white LEDs only -- but still, you get per-key lighting, and you can sync the keyboard lighting across multiple Logitech devices and employ built-in lighting modes, such as:

1 - Left to right wave

2 - Right to left wave

3 - Center out waves

4 - Breathing - brightness

5 - Light pulse from each key pressed

0 - Solid lighting - no effects

_(-) - Slows down effect with each press

=(+) - Speeds up effects with each press

The per-game profile feature allows you to configure certain keys to be off or on for a given application, program headset EQ and audio, and even define mouse settings.

There’s also the small matter of price. The G810 Orion Spectrum costs $40 more than the new boards, presumably because of the RGB lighting, but it’s possible that the Romer-G switches bump up the price, too. In any case, $119 (€139) seems like a fine price for what the G610 Orions offer.

Both the G610 Orion Brown and G610 Orion Red are coming to the U.S. and Europe this month.

Make/ModelLogitech G810 Orion SpectrumLogitech G610 Orion Red/Brown
Model Type Standard (U.S)Standard (U.S)
Switch TypeRomer-G Mechanical SwitchesCherry MX Red / Brown
Actuation Force45g45g (Red) / 55g (Brown)
Lighting16.8 Million Color RGB backlightWhite backlight, individual per key
Additional portsNoneNone
Cable Type6-ft USB6-ft USB
Key CapsStandard Smooth Black white laser-marked letteringStandard Smooth Black white laser-marked lettering
Estimated Keystrokes70 Million50 Million
SoftwareLogitech Gaming SoftwareLogitech Gaming Software
Weight41.6 oz42.3 oz
Dimensions153 x 443.5 x 34.3 mm153 x 443.5  x 34.3 mm
Misc.-12 programmable F keys
-Gaming Mode (with dedicated button)
-Numerous per-key lighting effects
-Dedicated media buttons, including volume roller
-12 programmable F keys
-Gaming Mode (with dedicated button)
-Numerous per-key lighting effects
-Dedicated media buttons, including volume roller

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  • Garrek99
    Wonder if the keys are as tightly packed as on the G710+ model?
    I regret buying that keyboard because it is causing much more typos.
  • tom10167
    I wish more companies offered silent versions as an option. I really like a keyboard that's nice and quiet.
  • MrKB
    I think the Romer-G keys feel okay but something feels off to me. I have a G410 with Romer-G for work and a 710+ with MX Browns at home and I prefer the 710+.

    I honestly prefer the mechanical switches Razer uses on their keyboards over the Romer-Gs.