Logitech's New Wireless Living Room Keyboard is Backlit

Logitech's K400 keyboard was very well received in the past, as it made an excellent keyboard for use in the living room. It features a keyboard along with a touchpad, combining both a mouse and keyboard into a single wireless device. It was also quite cheap though, which did reflect in the build quality of the unit -- it worked perfectly fine, but it never had a high-end feel to it.

Now, Logitech has announced the K830 illuminated keyboard. This keyboard employs the same principle as the K400, combining a keyboard and a pointing device, but takes it a step further. As the name indicates, it features backlighting -- and yes, the keyboard is still wireless. It connects to your PC through Logitech's 2.4 GHz unifying receiver.

In order to ensure that the batteries will last long enough, the backlighting will only turn on when you actually type -- five seconds after you stop typing they will power off again. Fortunately, the keyboard can be recharged, so despite probably not lasting as long on a single charge as the K400 did, you'll never be taking batteries from your TV remote in order to use it. Also, most folks will probably be using this keyboard for their media center, where, let's be honest, you won't be doing a lot of typing.

 Pricing for the unit is set at $99.99, and it should be coming to shelves any moment now in both Europe and the United States.

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  • Lamontiego
    Way Way to Expensive.... Logitech is smoking crack if they think people are going to pay that price.
  • apertotes
    I hate logitech receiver. Why can't they use simple Bluetooth?
  • Vlad Rose
    I have the K400.. they are nice for what they are. I can definitely see the back lighting being useful. However, one main reason why I bought the K400 was because it was under $40. As Lamontiego said, $100 is way too expensive to charge for a product like this. And yes, I do agree that they should offer Bluetooth instead as I hate having to figure out which dongle to use for each wireless Logitech device I have; not to mention the waste of a USB port or the fear of losing the stupid thing....