Intel's LaGrande security platform to arrive in H2 2007

Intel's LaGrande technology (LT), an approach to protect applications and data from software and simple hardware attacks will be arriving in mobile and desktop business platforms in the second half of 2007, TG Daily has learned. According to sources, the upcoming Averill Pro (desktop, due in Q3 2006) and Santa Rosa (mobile, due in Q2 2007) platforms will support LT through the new ICH8 southbridge, but complementing trusted platform modules (TPM) will not be available until the following chipset generation.

Intel apparently plans to bring TPMs to the market once the chipsets "Weybridge" (desktop, H2 2007) and "Montevina" (mobile, H1 2008) will hit the market. Both chipsets will be based on the ICH9 southbridge and support LT with connecting functionality to Windows Vista's "next Generation Secure Computing Base" (NGSCB).

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