Kim Dotcom To Give Mega Users 50 GB Free of Charge

In a tweet, Dotcom stated that the service will provide 50 GB of storage at no cost.

According to another tweet, he is working to find a solution that old Megaupload users will get their original data moved to the new mega service. Dotcom mentioned that the electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is supporting him to reach court permission to do so, even if it is unlikely that the movie and music industry representatives will agree.

Mega's 50 GB are significantly more space than the 7 GB Microsoft offers for Skydrive, Google's 5 GB for Drive,'s 5 GB, and 2 GB that is offered free of charge by Dropbox.

The Mega service will be located at

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  • ko888
    What the heck is a "... files haring service ..."?
  • kcorp2003
    i follow this man on twitter. he has some funny pictures. He also said premium users from the old site will be transfer in time when the lawyers sorted it out.
  • ToKiiNz
    thank god someone who might actually care about there users
  • But will it have real time synch like Dropbox or just a cyberlocker like the original Megaupload?
  • hytecgowthaman
    WoW !!! Mega upload thanks for 50GB . You are the boss.
  • nieur
    hope he will develop native apps for windows and android
  • wortwortwort
    I guess "file haring" means they turn your files into some really funky art.
  • digiex
    50GB but the upload/download speed is a fraction of the pay user speed... fail.


    A lot of Moviez and Muzic can be stored in it. Make also the upload and download speed at least 70% of the pay user speed.
  • Don't do it. It's a honeypot.
  • stfu digiex u noob shit. pay for it if you want decent speed. what a douche bag