First Expansion For 'Runescape' Opens The Door To Menaphos

The long-running massively multiplayer online (MMO) game Runescape is still active, and its many users can try out some new content today. The developers at Jagex released the game’s first-ever expansion, titled Menaphos: The Golden City, for free. The city was visible in the game before, but with today’s update, fans can finally roam its streets and take on new challenges.

When you enter the city, you'll have four new story-based quests to complete. Once that's done, there are also procedurally generated city quests to keep you going. There's also a new Slayer dungeon and a mini-game called "Shifting Tombs" that incorporates some maze mechanics. All of these activities will help you increase the powerful Slayer skill, which now has a new level cap of 120.

Menaphos Gameplay Trailer

These activities were initially made for veterans​ of the MMO game, but it also works as an introductory area for newcomers. Once you finish a three-part story quest that leads you from the desert to the city gates, you can take part in city quests and explore the area for collectible items. When you're done in Menaphos, you can then travel to other parts of the Runescape world and take part in additional activities that would otherwise be closed for those who aren't paying a subscription to the game. You'll also get a 5% buff on skill training exercises so that you can catch up with higher-level players.

Aside from new content, the game's desert area and its animal inhabitants also received a graphical update. The game now also includes additional visual features such as volumetric lighting and caustic water, but you'll need to turn the water detail option to "Ultra" in order to check out the latter feature.

If you're keen to try out the game, you can join the open access weekend, which will run from June 9-12, when you can explore the base game and expansion for free. You can read the patch notes for today's update on game's forum site.

NameRunescapeMenaphos: The Golden City
TypeMassively Multiplayer Online, Action/AdventureMassively Multiplayer Online, Action/Adventure
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Release DateJanuary 4, 2001June 5, 2017