Micro Center to Launch New Stores in Miami and Charlotte Next Year

Rendering of Micro Center Charlotte Store Front
(Image credit: Micro Center)

While Best Buy, America's largest brick-and-mortar electronics retailer, has been closing stores this year among bleak PC sales, Micro Center has plans to continue expanding its retail footprint. Earlier this year, the company announced that it would be adding three new stores by the end of 2024, with the first opening in Indianapolis this summer.

Today, Micro Center has officially revealed the locations of the final two new locations, which will open in Miami and Charlotte next year. When all three new stores have opened, the company will have 28 outlets in the U.S. across 19 U.S. states, ranging from California in the west to New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts in the east. You can see a complete list of store locations on the company's site.

Due to open in early 2024, the Charlotte store will offer 35,700 square feet of space and be located at 4,744 South Boulevard. The Miami location will open later in the year at 7,795 W Flagler Street with 31,700 square feet full of PC hardware, computer systems, electronics and maker gear. The stores will feature the same layout as the company's Tustin, California outlet.

Micro Center has store pages live on its website for Charlotte, Miami and Indianapolis. Customers who visit those pages and sign up for a mailing list will get a coupon they can redeem for a free, 128GB USB Flash drive once the stores open.

"We are thrilled to be expanding and bringing our unique offering to new customers in Indianapolis, Charlotte, and Miami," Micro Center's CEO Rick Mershad said in a press release. "Our goal is to provide the best selection of products, exceptional customer service, and knowledgeable associates who can help customers find exactly what they need."

Founded in Columbus, Ohio in 1979, Micro Center is a favorite shopping destination for anyone who builds PCs, tinkers with Raspberry Pis or does any kind of 3D printing. The company stocks more than 400 types of filament, along with 3D printers and accessories from major vendors such as Creality and AnyCubic. It's also one of the few places where you can buy Raspberry Pi boards at MSRP, provided that they are in stock.

Unlike Best Buy, Amazon and Newegg, Micro Center's business model revolves pretty-much exclusively around getting customers to come into the store. Most of the products are not available for purchase online, though you can reserve them for in-store pickup.

According to Chief Merchandising Officer Warren Beneson, the company has 3.6 million active customers who spend an average of 45 minutes per store visit. If you live near a Micro Center, you will often find in-store coupons with huge discounts or free items. Recently, the company offered new customers a free 256GB SSD

Key products such as CPUs, GPUs and monitors are frequently on sale for lower prices than you'll find online. For example, right now, the company has a 32-inch LG 32GP750 2K, 165 Hz monitor on sale for $229 when its lowest price on Amazon and Newegg is $296. 

Micro Center is also one of the few places you can actually see and touch high-end peripherals and components. The stores stock well over 150 different gaming keyboards from brands such as Razer, Corsair and Asus. They also have about the same number of PC cases, including those from Lian Li, Fractal Design and NZXT.  The Fractal Design North, our current pick for best PC case, is available to see and buy with all of its wood-paneled glory. 

With these store expansions, the company expects its revenue to grow revenue to $2.2 billion in 2023 and $2.4 billion in 2024.

Correction: An earlier version of this article stated that Micro Center will have 27 stores after the next three launch. It will actually be 28.

Avram Piltch
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  • artk2219
    Thats good news for the people in Miami and Charlotte. I'm lucky enough to have two of them nearby and I visit at least once a week, they've definitely gotten some money out of me hah.
  • Scimmy
    The one in Charlotte is going to be pretty close to alot of good breweries...now I'm sad I moved from Charlotte back to Ohio, only a couple of hours to the Columbus store, and they get more of my money then I'd like to admit
  • Devoteicon
    Ugh, closest to me is the one in Detroit which is a good three and half hour drive.
  • btmedic04
    I live about 10 minutes away from the Cleveland location. Very dangerous for my savings account lol
  • USAFRet
    btmedic04 said:
    I live about 10 minutes away from the Cleveland location. Very dangerous for my savings account lol
    My dad used to work there around the turn of the century.
    MC used to provide Windows and Office classes, often free with purchase of a new PC. I still have some of his class materials (JaveScript and Office 2000...lol)
  • 10tacle
    Just about every motherboard/CPU combo I've built a new rig around has been bought at MC. Their combo deals have never been beat by any Etailer (Egg, AMZ, etc.) when I was in the market, and that includes checking for rebate offers from said Etailers. I've also bought several monitors from them because they will price match from Etailers - a reason I prefer them not just for the sales service but for assurance I'll get it without a hole in the box! Finally, they have saved many a build or repair day when I needed something immediately, especially since my Fry's Electronics closed a few years ago which was also a very good PC/electronics store.
  • pug_s
    My last few mobo/cpu deals came from Microcenter. MSI Z97 pc mate/Intel G3258 cpu for $100. Gigabyte DS3H/Ryzen 2600+ for $130 and Gigabyte DS3H wifi/Ryzen 3600. A few Raspberry Pi's. Otherwise, pricewise is not much better than other places in the web.
  • Soul_keeper
    I hope they open one, or two, in Arizona.
  • eye4bear
    OMG - the best news I have read in months, living in Fort Lauderdale I am about a 45 minute drive away (not during rush hour). The address given is either the former Tiger Direct Store or damn close to it. Visiting friends 10-12 years ago who at the time lived in Detroit, I got to visit the store there and have wished they would open one in Florida ever since. Might be better that is will not be too close and visits will be only every other month or such, better for my wallet that is.
  • dan_L
    With two Micro Center stores in the Chicago area, we're in computer heaven, so to speak. Seriously, though, the Micro Center in west suburban Westmont is a sheer joy to visit. The salesmen (and strangely enough the sales force is, sadly, nearly 100% white males which doesn't happen by accident) are low pressure, cater to customer needs, and are grateful for your business even when they price match Newegg.com or Amazon.com. Micro Center is the gift to computing enthusiasts that keeps on giving.