Micron Creates "world's Smallest" DDR2 Memory Chip

Boise (ID) - Micron claims it has built the smallest DDR2 memory chip so far: The 1 Gb device has a die size of just 56 mm².

The company said the chip has been manufactured in 68 nm technology, Mass production of 68 nm DDR2 memory is expected to begin early next year with DDR3 products to follow in the second half of 2008.

Besides smaller size, Micron stated that a key benefit of the new memory is reduced power consumption. Compared to "previous process generations", the 68 nm memory is promised to use "approximately 20% less power". Not surprisingly, the memory is targeted specifically at applications where power consumption is critical, including server and mobile systems.

Micron said that future 68 nm DDR3 memory will be available with speeds up to 1600 Mb/s and aim for integration in data center servers and notebook computers.