Microsoft Research Shows Transparent 3D OLED With Kinect

The foundation of Microsoft's interactive display is a transparent 3D OLED supplied by Samsung. Other than traditional Kinect interactions, however, the display creates a 3D scenario behind the screen. The user reaches to the back of the screen to interact with the shown objects. This may not be the most convenient 3D technology and reminiscent of an environment similar to a biology research lab, but it is the most impressive demonstration of a transparent OLED we have seen to date.

To achieve a naked eye 3D effect, the technology directs the light emitted by the two stereo images to the user's left and right eye. Microsoft integrated eye-tracking to compensate for head movements and keeps the 3D effect alive even if the user slightly changes her or his location. There were few technical details, but the demo video shows that the display cannot quite achieve complete transparency and it appears that this technology works only with high contrast objects.

  • thesnappyfingers
    cool but seemingly impractical
  • zerghumper
    Despite the limitations this is still pretty neat. I could see myself using it for all kinds
    of tasks as long as there's little to no lag in the response times.
  • noobalert
    yeah but can it play crysis?
  • zblade
    might be impractical but it may spawn into something different in the future, like how MP3 plays spawn the iPod, smartphone spawn the iPhone, tablets spawn the iPad and TVs spawn the Apple TV.

    See what I did there.
  • twstd1
    Wow, was I the only one who noticed that these engineers are like 16? That really made me feel old and slow...
  • SteelCity1981
    Aretty neat although this maybe not pratical it does open the door to many pratical designs around something like this in the future, like concept cars do for modern cars.
    Is it me, or are Toms articles going more and more over my head?? LOL I've got some catching up to do!
  • frostmachine
    cool. I can imagine this integrated into my glasses. Add in augmented reality software, perfect.
  • Hellbound
    The porn industry will make it even more interactive....
  • beetlejuicegr
    haha porn, well it is a very good new implementation of various new techs, i bet the future is the limit!