Microsoft Rumored to Have Smartwatch in Development

Microsoft may be entering the wearable tech sector with their own spin on the smartwatch. Rumors have begun to surface that the tech giant is developing a watch that will monitor your heart rate and other vital statistics. Syncing with Windows Phone, iOS and Android devices, Forbes reported that they had conferred with "multiple sources with knowledge of the company's plans."

Allegedly, the device will at least in part pull from some of the tech used in the Kinect sensor for Microsoft's Xbox One console. It will measure heart rate throughout the day with optical sensors. The battery should last for about two days, which would put it on par with the Samsung Gear Fit. Unlike the rumored Microsoft device, however, the Fit only tracks user stats when the feature is turned on. The watch will also have a full-color touch screen that will rest on the inside of the wrist. This should make it easier to maintain user privacy and discretely view notifications.

The fact that the watch is aiming for cross-platform compatibility is a crucial step towards a new kind of Microsoft. Following the unveiling of a Microsoft Office suite for the iPad and the more open approach of CEO Satya Nadella, this seems like more of a new pattern than a minor concession. Microsoft also seems eager to jump into a fresh market, possibly learning a lesson from their delayed entry into the smartphone and tablet sectors. Microsoft is aiming for a summer release.

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  • decembermouse
    I'd like to see wrist straps with solar cells to extend the life of these things.
  • back_by_demand
    Accurate time would be a must for me, maybe pull it from internet time
  • ubercake
    I haven't yet seen anyone wearing "smart" watches of any kind. I'm not sure a watch is where it's at when it comes to "smart" devices.

    If I'm carrying a phone, which already has the time on it, why do I have need for another piece of hardware? And when it comes to accessorizing, digital watches are definitely on the low end of the class spectrum; definitely not a fashion statement.