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Microsoft Rumored to be Slowing Surface Production

According to a report published by Digitimes, Windows RT "may not perform as well as expected in the market"

The article suggests that Microsoft has cut tablet orders by half and there is now reason to believe, if the information is accurate, that Microsoft will miss the anticipated goal of 4 million shipped Surface RT tablets by the end of the year. Instead, Microsoft may only ship 2 million units. Digitimes said that Asustek Computer, Samsung Electronics and Dell are also seeing weak demand for Windows RT devices.

With little hope that Surface RT will be improving its market performance, all hopes now rest on the Surface Pro tablet, but there is already mounting doubt that Microsoft can make a significant impact. The tablet, which will run Windows 8 Pro will carry a $400 premium over Surface RT and sell for at least $899 (64 GB). The higher end 128 GB model will retail for $999. The tablets will have a 1080 p 10.6-inch screen and run Core i5 processors, as well as pens nor taking notes and making sketches.

The Digitimes report suggests that the supply chain believes that Surface Pro will be priced out of the market and will need a lower price to appeal to consumers.

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