Three injured when terrorist surfer blows up net café

A suicide bomber killed himself and injured three others in the Moroccan city of Casablanca late on Sunday. According to police the bomber had been visiting a net café in the Sidi Moumen district of the city, where in 2003 suicide bombers killed 33 people, in order to access Jihadist websites.

The blast happened when the owner of the net café refused the bomber access to the websites. A row broke out between the bomber and his companion and the café owner and the device strapped to the man exploded, killing him and wounding three others. Police say it is unclear whether the device was set off intentionally or accidentally triggered during the row.

The bombers companion was slightly injured, but escaped the scene. He was later arrested by Moroccan police. It is speculated that the bomber was using the Internet to receive his instructions.

Morocco is a Muslim-majority country in northern Africa.