Motorized Gaming Bed Puts You Right Back Into The Action When You Wake Up

Bauhutte Electric Gaming Bed BGB-100FA
Bauhutte Electric Gaming Bed BGB-100FA (Image credit: Bauhutte)

Bauhutte has launched its new Electric Gaming Bed BGB-100FA in Japan for gamers that want to game all day long on their beds. The bed looks similar to one of IKEA's Lyksele sofa-bed frames/mattresses but with a wired remote control offering motorized adjustment of backrest and leg rest angles.

The BGB-100FA isn't much more than a basic-looking motorized bed that might appeal to seniors. However, in many promotional pictures, the Electric Gaming Bed looks much more compelling, as it has lots of other Bauhutte gaming furniture solutions. The gaming desk has multiple monitor and tablet arms, a swing-over keyboard and mousing surface, various gaming storage components, and even a mini-fridge.

In 2020, Japanese gaming furniture brand Bauhutte launched its first gaming bed but didn't offer any way to make it easy or comfortable to sit up for extended periods. Instead, users have to rest or lean on cushions or sit cross-legged. The new motorized version BGB-100FA looks like it will be much more comfortable for extended gaming sessions. With the provided wired removal, users can adjust the backrest angle between flat and 60 degrees and the leg rest angle between flat and 35 degrees. The angle adjustments are independent of each other. Therefore, it could be a comfortable solution with suitable monitor arms and keyboard/mouse surfaces.

The bed allows for some manual adjustments. For example, you can set the legs at 13.8, 20.8, or 28.5cm when assembling. However, we think this isn't an adjustment you will be interested in making often; instead, it is more of a 'set it then forget it' step. In addition, you can add other accessories to the bed, such as an adjustable headboard or bed desk.

Bauhutte says its bed measures 94 x 199 x 13.8 to 28.5cm (width x depth x height), and its weight is 37.9kg. It has a user weight limit of approximately 200kg. The suggested price in Japan is 57,000 Yen, including tax, equivalent to $460. It doesn't include the matters, though. Bauhutte's matching gaming mattress will set you back another $670.

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  • ezst036
    This could also be really useful for someone who works from home and has back issues.
  • ConfusedCounsel
    This is just what many Law Firms are looking for. Put one of these setups in each associates office. Tie them down to the bed. Watch the billable hours grow. Just need to invest in bed pans and paralegals willing to empty them.
  • Hooda Thunkett
    So, WALL-E then?
  • escksu
    Hell no.... Its extremely unhealthy to lie in bed and game all day....
  • jacob249358
    Looks pretty good for the people who play games 16 hours a day in their Moms basement. This would be so unhealthy. If you get uncomfortable sitting for a long time get a sit-stand desk.
  • Yeah I can tell it’s made for Japan market that bed looks horrible to sleep on!! Gross
    I guess they still like to sleep on mats

    I’ll take my super nice thick western bed thank you and I don’t need to eat or play games in my bed the bed is for sleeping not watching TV or playing games

    I’m glad that I live in a country where we have nice beds that are not mats on the floor

    And the price for that thin uncomfortable mattress is $670 damn I can buy a pretty nice bad for that price that’s nice and thick and firm and comfortable to sleep on
  • Soaptrail
    ezst036 said:
    This could also be really useful for someone who works from home and has back issues.
    Or someone who never wants a girlfriend.
  • SkyBill40
    Soaptrail said:
    Or someone who never wants a girlfriend.

    Or wants to actually see daylight and experience the positive effects of it.
  • Soaptrail said:
    Or someone who never wants a girlfriend.
    Well that’s the way it is in Japan. Remember these are the people they play video games about dating and social functions. They play the video games because they don’t actually do the dating apparently
  • Colif
    I wouldn't sleep on it but it be cool as a gaming chair perhaps

    its sort of a one trick pony and the bedding isn't overly thick.

    easier to just sit on your actual bed and lean against a wall... looks at what he is doing. I don't need a gaming bed for that...

    Still waiting for gaming printers.