Download Firefox 4.0 Final Now a Day Early

Firefox 4.0 may not be facing an official release until tomorrow, but the folks at Mozilla have put it in the can and it's ready for the mass market.

The download will be funneling through the official channels tomorrow as the mirrors get set up, but the final file is sitting on Mozilla's FTP right this moment. For early adopters who love to have new stuff before everyone else, you can grab it from the links below:

Firefox for Windows

Firefox for Mac

Firefox for Linux

Firefox for Linux 64-bit

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  • captaincharisma
    you know i tried the beat and found some websites (especially this one) load slow. so i switched to opera till the beta was over but even in this final version no improvement so i am sticking with opera

    also i didn't download it firefox just updated from RC1 to the final version for me
  • Snipergod87
    I'm going to wait so my everything (add-on's) dont break.
  • saymi
    The browser downloaded it automaticly for me.