MSI Previews 100-Series Motherboards Beside RGB-Lit X99A "Godlike Gaming"

While many of our readers continue to ask questions about Intel's sixth-generation platform, MSI was trying to steal the show by flaunting its RGB LED X99A Godlike Gaming motherboard at the front of the booth.

MSI X99 Godlike RGB motherboard

A phone app controls the "Godlike Gaming's" lighting, while aluminum frames add rigidity to PCIe x16 slots. We'll let you guess which of these two features make the board a better-functioning product, and which simply adds flair.

  Z170A-G45-Gaming B150M Pro-VD Z170A-G43 B150M Pro-VDH Z170A PC Mate
Form FactorATXMicro ATXATXMicro ATXATX
Expansion Slots3x x16, 4x x11x x16, 2x x12x x16*, 2x x1, 3x PCI2x x16*, 1x x12x x16*, 2x x1, 3x PCI
Memory Slots4x DDR42x DDR3L4x DDR42x DDR34x DDR4
Storage1x 32 Gb/s
6x 6 Gb/s (2 for SATA-E)
6x 6 Gb/s (2 for SATA-E)6x 6 Gb/s (2 for SATA-E)6x 6 Gb/s (2 for SATA-E)1x 32 Gb/s
6x 6 Gb/s (2 for SATA-E)
Rear USB 
4x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.02x USB 3.1, 4x 3.0, 2x USB 2.04x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.06x USB 3.0
3 Analog5 Analog, 1 Optical3 Analog5 Analog, 1 Optical
Network2x Gig-E, 1x 867 Mbit Wi-Fi1x Gig-E1x Gig-E1x Gig-E1x Gig-E
*unspecified lane count

The design of its other boards helped us to confirm the extra four PCIe 3.0 lanes of the Skylake integrated PCIe controller. While the enthusiast-grade Z170A-G45 Gaming shows PCI-Express switches for setting SLI-enabling x8-x8 mode, MSI only confirmed CrossFire capability for lower-priced models. Unlike SLI, AMD CrossFire can run on x4 slots.

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  • 3ogdy
    Godlike....Jesus H Christ. What's next? Bible-Z-Power? CondomStrength-X?
    MSI G-Zus' E-ster? The Sacredblood competing with Sabertooh?
    Put a Devil's Canyon on a Pope's PowerLight 2016? Let's hope they won't have children.
    MSI 6-5P0T? The FL35HL16HT 4 (in collaboration with) YO'MOMMA stick?

    Introducing the new gaming seat from MSI: The Rectum Z! The ultimate X-perience!


    Seriously now,
    What if I happen to have boot problems or lag while gaming on that motherboard? Does that mean GOD doesn't LIKE me?
    What does it mean if there's a better board around? That God is gaming on bullshit hardware? I bet God can game better, right?

    And isn't it strange that it's nothing but a GodLike motherboard that's using the 2 most typical colors from hell - red and black? Wasn't heaven supposed to be white and all that?
  • PlowHouse
    @3ogdy, Thank you for this lol... Great comment to start the morning.
  • Larry Litmanen
    MSI G-Zus' E-ster?..

    That's a good one.