Nanotubes Can Cause Cancer, Lawyers Lining Up


Washington DC - Researchers are saying some nanotubes can be just as deadly as asbestos. Anthony Seaton of the Institute of Occupational Medicine in Scotland says longer versions of the tubes can cause Mesothelioma, a form of cancer typically caused by asbestos. Some are calling on nanotube manufacturers to post warning labels on their products, while other scientists are saying the dangers are overblown.

Asbestos lawsuits are a huge industry and just typing in the word in Google brings up a staggering 13+ million hits. How long will it be until lawyers start lining up to sue for nanotube-caused cancer?

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  • sacre
    everything causes cancer... I stopped caring about this stuff a while ago..
  • nvalhalla
    As long as it isn't friable, it shouldn't matter. I deal with asbestos every day and as long as it is properly handled and maintained it's fine.
  • rocket_sauce
    Agreed Nvalhalla, but many people ignore the warnings, think its a hassle to deal with the safety percautions, or are just plain ignorant about asbestos and what it can do. At the very least...they need warning lables if this is true.
  • Christopher1
    I have to agree with sacre on this issue. Meat causes cancer, vegetables cause cancer, milk causes cancer..... I stopped caring a LONG time ago, because it seems that nearly EVERYTHING increases your cancer risk, even things that you need in order to survive, like food and even WATER.

    They don't need to put warning labels on these carbon nanotubes, unless they are prone to breaking up and becoming airbone. EVEN THEN, they should only put a warning label on it if LARGE amounts of these carbon nanotubes are known to become airborne from something.
  • lightfoot__
    And then nanotube using devices will be used to help treat the "victims" of nanotube "poisoning" while their lawyers buy high end electronics containing the offending material, nanotubes.
  • DXRick
    Looks like I picked a bad week to quit smoking nanotubes. Or do you have to mainline them to be at risk?
  • christian summer
    i prefer the menthaltubes... =)

  • bildo123
    Anyone ever read prey by Michael Crichton? LOL
  • number13
    some time back researchers figured out that breathing will eventually cause death