Second Free Module for Neverwinter Now Live

Image: Perfect World Ent.

Perfect World Entertainment Inc. and Cryptic Studios have launched the second free module for the popular free-to-play action MMORPG, Neverwinter. Called Shadowmantle, this module takes players to the Neverwinter Wood's deepest region to fight through the Dread Ring campaign (level 60). This module also introduces a new class, the Hunter Ranger, which is a mix of both ranged and melee abilities.

"Deep within the Neverwinter Wood lays the Dread Ring, a massive structure built for ritual magic," reads the press release. "Players explore this broken but still powerful region and fight Valindra Shadowmantle's army, including an epic battle with the lich herself. In addition to the Hunter Ranger class and new playable content, Shadowmantle features new collections, artifacts, and Paragon Paths."

The new module also provides a new Level 60 skirmish called Dead Legion, and a new Level 60 epic dungeon called Valindra's Tower, which is supposedly Neverwinter's hardest dungeon yet, requiring a gear score of 10500. Other module features include dungeon and skirmish queue revisions, party vote kicking, large-scale dungeon revisions to improve gameplay, and loads more.

The module follows the game's first module, Fury of the Feywild that went live back in mid-August. This module allows players to explore the enchanted woods of Sharandar, play as Sun and Moon Elves, collect new weapons and items, earn new rewards, encounter new creatures, and more. The module chronicles an attempt by Fomorian Giants to seize the Elven outpost of Sharandar.

"Delivering new free content to our players is and always will be our highest priority," said Cryptic Studios Executive Producer and COO, Craig Zinkievich. "To see Shadowmantle go live less than six months after official launch is incredible, and we couldn't be more excited to release this new content to our players. We also want to hear feedback about the highly anticipated Hunter Ranger class, so we encourage fans to try it and let us know what they think."

For the entire list of changes and enhancements this module will bring to the action MMORPG, head here.

  • LordConrad
    Enough with the MMO, how about another Neverwinter Nights?
  • demonhorde665
    i wonder if they screwed up the sun and moon elf races as bad as they screwed up the teifling and wood elf races.
  • demonhorde665

    i agree , they need to do antoerh neverwinter nights ... but this mmo's release is clear asurrance they have no intention to do that.
  • ubercake
    There are a lot of great things about this game and it's free, but this game allows you to level up too quickly and too often. Once you hit level 60 (this happens easily within 6-8 weeks of playing for around 2 hours a day), the entertainment value of this game diminishes quickly.

    They keep adding more maps and features, but because there's really no character advancement after level 60, I don't see a point? You can get another character/class to level 60, but they go through the same adventures to get there. If you want a third or additional characters, they charge you. If you want to really compete in multi-player, count on paying for it.

    When your character is already at level 60, I don't see the fun in grinding through additional scenarios (scenery and monsters may change, but the missions are pretty much still the same in the new modules) for an off chance you might find an extremely rare item worth using or selling at auction.

    The graphics and performance are good if you have a GTX 560 or better and you're running at least an i3 with 3GHz or better. It's definitely a fun game for a couple of months though. And it's free!