Microsoft Is Bringing Edge to Linux Too

(Image credit: Iurii Kazakov/Shutterstock)

Microsoft is going for the hat trick. The company is planning to bring its new Edge browser to Linux for the first time, which Microsoft reportedly confirmed development of at its Ignite conference in Orlando, Florida this week. 

That means the company has made a lot of changes to Edge in a relatively short time. It announced last December that it planned to rebuild Edge around Chromium, the open source engine used by Google Chrome, in an effort to offer a more consistent browsing experience for people using Windows 10's bundled app.

Microsoft revealed more changes during the Build 2019 developer conference in May. The biggest browser-related revelation: Edge was going to make its way to macOS. That would mark the first time Microsoft offered its browser on Apple's platform since it stopped offering the Mac version of Internet Explorer in 2003.

We finally learned on Monday that Microsoft plans to release the new Edge for Windows and macOS on January 15, 2020. The release candidate browser is available now, so impatient people can use it ahead of its official release, but there's still a little over two months to go before Microsoft deems it ready.

Yet, it seems the company wasn't content to stop there. Windows Latest said that Microsoft isn't planning to release the Linux version of Edge on January 15--that would be a remarkably short time between revelation and release--and it didn't offer any specifics regarding that version of the browser's official launch date.

Windows Latest also shared an image from Microsoft's presentation explaining that the new Edge is available now for iOS and Android, available as a release candidate for "all supported versions of Windows" and macOS and will be available on Linux "in the future." Hopefully, it won't take another year-plus to introduce that version of Edge.

Nathaniel Mott
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