Nexpaq Modular Smartphone Case Evokes Project Ara Concept

Nexpaq is a new modular case for your smartphone. The case is similar in concept to project Ara, with the ability to have many different modules that can be switched out to change the features of the phone. Nexpaq differs in that it's a case that offers some similar functionality.

The Nexpaq case is currently being designed for the iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S 6 edge, and Samsung Galaxy S5. By connecting the handset to the case via its typical power connector, the case is capable of providing extra services to the phone.

Currently, there are 12 modules that have been designed, with a variety of features. Three of the modules focus on data, allowing you to connect extra storage such as SD cards or USB flash drives to the phone, or simply working as 64 GB of extra storage.

Three other modules are a little more unique. These modules have the ability to check air quality and measure temperature and humidity, and one is a breathalyzer.

The remaining modules have functions for a flashlight, laser pointer, hot keys for programming shortcuts into the phone, a speaker, and additional battery life. The case itself already contains a built-in battery that will charge your phone and prolong the battery life, but the battery module allows you to increase this even more.

Currently, the case and modules are still under development. The company is running a Kickstarter to raise money to further development and start production, and if successful, it's expected to enter the market in the first half of 2016.

Given its similarity to Project Ara, if this case manages to make it to market first, there is potential that it could somewhat undermine the popularity of the modular phone project. Project Ara phones would allow a much greater level of customization, but many users might prefer adding features to a phone instead of needing to piece together a phone from scratch.

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  • Brandon Schilling
    So it will be coming out for the s6 right around or after I replace it with an s7???
  • The3monitors
    I want something to replace my s5 NOW and this might be the only option that I will go for. Plug in a 128gb MicroSD. Lollipop SUCKS on the s5.
  • Mitch94
    neat idea if they said add another processor I would've been on board ,still some nice features though