Nvidia Merges nForce and Tegra Teams Together

With Intel not giving Nvidia a license to produce chipsets supporting Nehalem-based architecture, which includes the latest Core i3, i5 and i7 CPUs, the graphics maker's nForce team hasn't had as much to do as it used to.

Perhaps for that reason, Nvidia has merged its nForce chipset team together with its Tegra development team. This puts Nvidia's MCP team together with the SoC team to create one big body of 650-strong.

Ken Brown, spokesman for Nvidia, confirmed the change to Xbit Labs by commenting, "We have merged these teams under the Tegra development team. This substantially strengthens our engineering effort for Tegra development going forward."

While this may seem like Nvidia's thrown in the towel when it comes to producing chipsets, company CEO Jen-Hsun Huang is still openly excited about getting to fight Intel in court.

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  • xsamitt
    I hope Nvidia win.Because if they win the consumer wins as well.
  • hluna52180
    The freedom for a company to develop their own creative technology solutions should be paramount. Nvidia should not be encumbered by now-dead agreements with Intel that benefited both of them years ago. The tech world has changed and Intel is dipping its toes into the graphics pool. Only fair that Nvidia do the same with the CPU waters. Nvidia will win in court.
  • Other Comments
  • xsamitt
    I hope Nvidia win.Because if they win the consumer wins as well.
  • nicklasd87
    if they win it perpetuates the cycle, and the consumer still looses because companies are putting money toward legal fees instead of R&D
  • falchard
    If nVidia loses, then AMD wins because Intel's chipsets SUUUUUCK.