Get a Free Trial of Norton and Enter to Win [USA]

As careful as we may be about our usage habits, it's responsible computing to have some sort of software protection to guard your PC from threats such as viruses and other malicious software.

According to data gathered by comScore, 58 percent of Tom's readers have security software on their computers (good for you guys!). 95 percent of Tom's readers are connected to the Internet at home, which is higher than the average. That means that possibly 37 percent of visitors are running without security software.

There are many choices out there for security software, but one of the big names is Norton. Symantec, the makers of Norton, have teamed up with Tom's Hardware to bring you a free, no credit card required 30-day trial of one of the Norton security products listed below. Hit the links for the registration for the free download.

Norton AntiVirus 2010

Norton Internet Security 2010

Norton 360 Version 4.0

Along with this promotion, we're also running a contest for USA residents (exclusing R.I.).

  1. First Prize: One Blu-ray Disk Player, one Fandango voucher for two movie tickets, one original Iron Man DVD, one copy of Symantec Norton 360 Version 4.0
  2. Second Prize: one copy of Symantec Norton 360 Version 4.0 (4 copies available) or one copy of Symantec Norton Internet Security 2010 (5 copies available) or one copy of Norton AntiVirus 2010 (5 copies available)
  3. Third Prize: one Fandango voucher for two movie tickets (198 vouchers available)
  4. Fourth Prize: one copy of the original Iron Man DVD (10 copies available)

We'll also be giving away Fandango vouchers for two movie tickets every day!

Click here to get to our entry form for your chance to win.

Marcus Yam
Marcus Yam served as Tom's Hardware News Director during 2008-2014. He entered tech media in the late 90s and fondly remembers the days when an overclocked Celeron 300A and Voodoo2 SLI comprised a gaming rig with the ultimate street cred.
  • JonathanDeane
    Can I just enter to win and skip the free trial of Norton....

  • Sorbert
    yes you can enter without dling the application just did but it says winners to be announced april 2 2010 hmm something fishy there
  • nforce4max
    Right I still remember the little scam that MCaffe pulled a few months ago and that the major movie and music conglomerates have been interested in having anti-virus scanners report pirated content.
  • roonj
    How many software companies can boost about the developement of a program designed specifically to remove any traces of their program from the end user's system (due to popular request).
    Yea!!! Looks like they can't even give it away ?
  • RipperjackAU
    Yes, fishy indeed. I mean why host the entry form at Seams a bit odd.
  • dark_lord69
    Yes, install the trial so it can dig it's claws into your computer practiaclly infecting it like a virus.

    I have uninstall that program myself and it still prompts you puchase and install. I had to go online and download a special un-installer to get rid of it completely.
  • Tyellock
    Symantec is the virus. It has infected Tom's, now it is trying to infect the readers.
  • NapoleonDK
    There would have to some seriously wicked prize to get me to install the GOD-AWFUL PROGRAM. Like most of the other readers on Tom's, I happen to like it when my computer is fast, secure, and private. Are Symantec products any of these things? Not really...
  • danimal_the_animal
    just download AVG for FREE!

    every computer that i work on that has norton is infected with viruses because norton SUCKS!
  • NapoleonDK
    danimal_the_animaljust download AVG for FREE!every computer that i work on that has norton is infected with viruses because norton SUCKS!AVG, or Avast, really they are both quite good. Also, I don't blame Norton for allowing viruses in, I simply blame the user.