Nvidia Pulls 364.47 Driver Due To System Instability

Nvidia’s 364.47 driver is no longer available for download in the wake of numerous reports of system instability.

Nvidia said that the problem was caused by a critical installation issue. When testing the driver, Nvidia was able to reproduce most of the reported issues by running an “Express” driver installation, but performing a “Clean” install didn’t cause problems for most users.

Additional user reports indicated that using multiple monitors with driver 364.47 also caused problems with the driver installation and system stability.

Nvidia opted to replace the driver with its GeForce Game Ready Driver 364.51 - Beta. This driver carries over the enhancements present in the previous 364.47 driver, but with additional bug fixes to try and avoid the problems mentioned above.

The driver is still pending WHQL certification, but it is available now on the download page for users that attempted to use the 364.47 driver and encountered issues. Alternatively, you can opt to install GeForce Game Ready Driver 362.00, which was released on March 1.

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  • Godloki
    Sounds about right. Thanks for making me system restore.
  • Dark Lord of Tech
    I've had Blue screens on 2 of my machines on the last 2 official releases.
  • IInuyasha74
    276663 said:
    I've had Blue screens on 2 of my machines on the last 2 official releases.

    Both clean installs?