Nvidia Releases Game Ready Driver For 'Injustice 2'

Another GeForce Game Ready Driver is available for Nvidia GPU owners today. Version 388.31 not only adds support for Star Wars Battlefront II and Injustice 2, but it also improves performance for those playing Destiny 2 on PC.

According to Nvidia, those playing Destiny 2at 1440p and 4K at maximum settings will see noticeable improvements, specifically in average framerate. This was based on the results of the company’s test system, which used an Intel Core i7-7820X CPU (Skylake, 3.6GHz) with a few GPUs from the company's 10 series. For instance, a GTX 1060 at 1440p had an average of 42.8 frames per second (FPS). With this new driver, Nvidia said that it jumped to 59.3 FPS. If you’re using the new GTX 1070 Ti to play the game at 4K, you’re probably hovering around 35.2 FPS with the old software. After downloading the new driver, you should see your average framerate jump to around 51.3 FPS. For the full results, you can check out Nvidia’s website.

The driver's other features include new SLI profiles for Star Wars Battlefront II and EVE: Valkyrie - Warzone. Those using 3D Vision will also see new entries for Star Wars Battlefront II and Injustice 2.

There are also a few fixed issues that come with the software. For example, you should no longer see “micro-stuttering” in games while using a GPU monitoring tool to look at the card’s power. However, there are still some problems that are prevalent on Windows 10, such as a system hang when playing Star Wars Battlefront II on the DirectX 12 API. You can check out the small list of fixed and open issues below.

The driver is now available through the GeForce Experience app or on Nvidia’s driver page. You can take a look at the full release notes here.