Nvidia Releases Game Ready Driver For 'Metal Gear Survive'

Nvidia’s latest Geforce driver release, 390.77 WHQL, brings “Game Ready” pre-optimization for the upcoming Kingdom Come: Deliverance (launching February 13) and Metal Gear Survive (launching February 22). The “Game Ready” initiative attempts to deliver optimized drivers for games before they release. The company also said that Metal Gear: Survive will debut with support for Nvidia’s automatic game-recording feature, ShadowPlay Highlights.

If you’re not anticipating these upcoming titles, 390.77 still brings new features for some existing games. The new driver will enable support for Ansel, Nvidia’s in-game screenshot tool, in an upcoming version of the popular MMORPG Black Desert Online. Ansel was recently updated with a new interface and eight new image filters. Another popular online title, War Thunder, is receiving more Nvidia integration with this driver, too. It joins other recent titles, including Fortnite Battle Royale, Crossout, and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, as the latest to receive support for ShadowPlay Highlights.

Beyond the major updates, the full list of changes in 390.77 can be found in its release notes, which have been copied below.

[SLI][Dirt 4]: There is corruption and flickering in the game with SLI enabled. [200376552] [Neverwinter Nights]: Some graphics are missing. [2024453] [Optimus Notebook]: GeForce Experience may launch with a black screen. [2009290] [3DMark]: There is a drop in the benchmark performance. [2042217] [GeForce GTX 1080][G-SYNC]: Performance issues occurred with G-SYNC windowed mode enabled. [2032623] [GeForce GTX 1070 Ti][NVIDIA Control Panel]: The NVIDIA Control Panel->Output Dynamic Range setting does not persist but switches from Full to Limited after rebooting the system. [200378878]

Users of Nvidia’s companion software, Geforce Experience, will be able to update their driver there. Otherwise, you can find the new driver on Nvidia’s website.