Nvidia May Release a GTX 11 Series After All

(Image credit: Nvidia)

Nvidia may split its gaming GPU lineup into RTX and GTX series, including a new GTX 1160 Ti, according to reports. Videocardz suggests that a new card, the 1160 Ti, may launch around the same time as the rumored RTX 2060.

Videocardz points to a Chinese site called Expreview, which is only available behind a password, so we can't directly verify it, so you should take this news with big grains of salt. It suggests that the new GPU may be called the 1660 Ti, though the Videocardz tipster suggests 1160 is the branding.

According to the reports, the new series will still use Nvidia's Turing GPUs. The sites suggest that the RTX 2060 will use a TU106-200 GPU, while the GTX 1160 will have a TU116. The marketing also mentions "Turing Shaders," which would likely Ray Tracing exclusive to the RTX line. 

Additionally, the site says that there will be no RTX 2050, and that entry level cards will all be part of the 11 series.

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