Nvidia's Shield Takes a Bullet ... And Still Works!

Nvidia's Shield hasn't been on the market for long, but you might be wondering just how durable this thing is before you run out and drop $300 on one. It may not be the most traditional test of durability, but the folks at RatedRR recently took aim Nvidia's portable gaming device with a Mossberg 464. Surprisingly, it survived. Kind of.


This test started out with a couple of drops on dirt and concrete. Then, the Shield was laid on a table, screen up, right in the line of fire. The bullet fired goes straight through the screen. That doesn't mean it didn't work when it was powered up, though. With all the hardware located in the base, the only damage done was to the display panel. Of course, the rational thing to do was to shoot it again, right in the guts. This time, the Shield wasn't so lucky. Still, Nvidia's portable console is special in that it's the only device to still work after a bullet from RatedRR.

If you're into the destruction of gadgets (or really love slow motion shooting), check the video below:

Nvidia Shield takes a bullet and still works! - Mossberg 464

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  • presna
    am more interested in the rifle now rather than shield.....
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  • Steveymoo
    That's some nice clickbait
  • RooD
    Misleading article, I can shoot a laptop in the screen and it will work too. This was the most pointless news article I have seen on here.
  • greghome
    Stupid PR stunt by nvidia......
    Why can't they just admit they can't create a PSP of their own ?