Nvidia Promoting DirectStylus Tech with Make Your Mark

Nvidia announced the "Make Your Mark" project that's essentially advertising the company's DirectStylus tech. This campaign is inspired by science-fiction writer Isaac Asimov, the author behind the Foundation series and I-Robot among many other classic novels. This campaign focuses on not only I, Robot, but the predictions he made decades ago.

"Asimov predicted flat-panel screens would replace ordinary television sets – and those screens would be good for more than just passive video consumption," writes Nvidia's Will Park. "They'd be used to handle documents, view photographs and read passages from books."

"By the time Asimov made his 1964 predictions, he'd already imaged the tablet computer – in 1951 – when he penned the first novel in his seminal Foundation series. No surprise that we're huge Asimov fans," Park adds.

That, of course, leads to now; the Tegra Note 7 featuring Nvidia's DirectStylus technology. DirectStylus lets tablet users sketch smooth lines and broad strokes as if they were drawing with a pen and paper, but with all the benefits of a digital canvas. Park says it's a technology that puts Nvidia's screens at the service of artists.

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This is why Nvidia is focusing its new project on the DirectStylus tech and the I, Robot novel. Nvidia is asking 10 artists from around the world to create three illustrations inspired by I, Robot, using DirectStylus. Then the company will follow their progress from beginning to end for a series of short films.

"Expect quite a journey. Artists involved in Make Your Mark range from computer game designer Wes Louie to cartoonist Jing X Hu, from doodlers to accomplished artists," he writes. "Along the way, we'll get to know these artists as they show us the techniques they use to create their work."

Starting this week, Nvidia will share video documenting the work of these artists right here. First up to bat is Rugman, who appears in the video below.

NVIDIA Make Your Mark Campaign -- Rugman

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  • nord_musician
    No, Nvidia, no! I don't wany any Tegra device anymore. I had enogh with the LG Optimus 2X
  • voltagetoe
    Seems like stylus calibration is off (not serious hardware). 7 inches is very tiny, 13 inches is good.
  • renz496
    Anonymous said:
    No, Nvidia, no! I don't wany any Tegra device anymore. I had enogh with the LG Optimus 2X

    so you judge future product with your experience on older product?