Die-Shot: Next-Gen 8-Core AMD Orochi Bulldozer

In August AMD gave us a brief preview of what's to come from its next-generation technology known as Bulldozer.

Now we get to see one of the first early die-shots from an eight-core "Orochi" processor that's based on Bulldozer technology and built on the 32nm process.

Unlike Llano, this chip won't be a part of the Fusion initiative to integrate the GPU inside the die. But also unlike Llano, Bulldozer is based on next-generation AMD technology, while Llano shares its ties with Phenom CPUs.

Either way, we're expecting big things from AMD in 2011.

Source: X-bit labs

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  • amk09
  • back_by_demand
    Sounds good
    Looks good
    Smells good
    Feels good
    Tastes good

    All we need now is a simple benchmark and a price - here's the thing, if it can beat the 6 core i7-980 but costs less then you have an instant winner.
    Price vs performance is King.
    Trying to impress with higher clock speeds went out of fashion with P4's at 3.8Ghz.
  • Stifle
    Die-shots for nerds are like money shots for.... nevermind
  • Other Comments
  • amk09
  • partytime
    holy crap I want this.. I wonder what clock speeds it will have....
  • hellwig
    I was expecting to see 8 sections on the chip. But by 8 cores, they mean 4 physical "modules", each with symmetric pipelines, or whatever they're calling them. That's really gonna start confusing things. Still, that image is really cool.