Magazine for Overclockers Reaches Issue #2

For those that didn’t know, there is in fact a free magazine dedicated strictly to overclocking. Don’t be shocked now - it’s called The Overclocker.

The magazine was created because overclocking is of great importance to enthusiasts but there wasn’t a single magazine that gave the topic the attention that a dedicated magazine would. The authors Nick Ross and Josh Collins even quit their jobs to start the magazine.

The Overclocker is a digital magazine with no direct affiliation with any company or website. Because one of the goals of the authors is "binding the world’s overclocking communities together" and not create its own community, the magazine’s website does not even have its own forum.

The magazine focuses on hardware and overclocking news from around the world, reports on overclocking events, short hardware reviews and interviews with the world’s most skilled overclockers. There are also plenty of competitions with very simple questions to answer. You can even enter a competition just for signing up.

Issue #2 includes an interview with top Intel engineer Francois Piednoel, a report on Gigabyte’s Open Overclocking Championship and a shootout between AMD’s and NVIDIA’s top and midrange cards.

If you don’t want to view the electronic version, the magazine is currently available in print to US citizens only through Hewlett Packard’s MagCloud and there is a small charge to cover the cost of printing and shipping.

  • hemelskonijn
    w00t i am the first to talk back ... wish i had something to say
  • hemelskonijn
    On second thought i do have something to say,
    They claim to be the first overclocking magazine in the world even though here in the benelux (belgium netherlands luxemburg, thats in europe) we (used to) have an overclockers magazine and if i am correct it even had the name overclockers magazine (or something uber close to it).
    I bought it once and didnt like the style of writing and the text vs ads ratio so i dont know if its still around but it kills there being the first claim