Overdrive: U.S. Team IRONMODS Wins!

After 16 hours of intense overclocking over two days, we have a world champion. Team IRONMODS from the United States - Jeremiah Allen, Jake Crimmins and Ton Khowdee, achieved the best scores during our Overdrive event, overclocking Core i7 Extreme 965 systems on X58 Eclipse motherboards by MSI. The race was long, but it also was almost neck and neck, as the scores kept improving almost every minute.

The Taiwan team CBB had a head start, as they quickly posted scores during the event. France started a bit late, with one team member being delayed on day one. Italy and Germany were always very active and the US team took some time to get up to speed. But their efforts were worth it: they were fastest in two 3DMark benchmarks, they dominated in wPrime 1024M and 32M. These four wins, combined with good scores on the other benchmarks, assured IRONMODS win.

Italy was close behind, with two wins in SuperPI 1M and 3DMark 05. Germany reached third place, with the strategy being to not fall too far behind the others in any benchmark. France was fourth and Taiwan fifth, as they had issues running the Core i7 in triple channel memory mode.

Final results:

SuperPi 1.5 1M8,0788,1578,0937,9877,985
SuperPi 1.5 32M7 min 49,969 s7 min 52,516 s7 min 40,953 s7 min 24,990 s7 min 40.984 s
wPrime 1.55 32M5,1885,4225,2195,7565,297
wPrime 1.55 1024M160,937170,375165,872186,982165,11
PiFast 4.117,5617,8617,4417,2917,36
AquaMark 2003253814251703319212238929233043
3DMark 017101071591727647154571821
3DMark 037979475002761056986576188
3DMark 053676235893365863573337070
3DMark 062673325483241942231825143

As you can see, all the teams except Taiwan, which had those pesky hardware, were able to reach top scores in at least two benchmark categories. Even France, which took fourth place, reached two Overdrive records.

Congratulations to the US team, IRONMODS, which proved to be a magnanimous winner, thanking all the other guys for being excellent competitors and great sportsmen. We were glad to have the opportunity to host all these guys, and we'll provide a summary article next week.

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  • Shadow703793
    Well done!
  • cl_spdhax1
    woot gj usa!!
  • Nicku
    congrats to all teams !