'Paragon' Enters Open Beta On August 16 (Updated)

Update, 8/16/2016, 9:05am PDT: As promised, Paragon is now in its open beta phase and is free to players on the PlayStation 4 and PC. To celebrate the launch of the open beta, Epic Games released a new trailer.

Since mid-March, Epic Games’ Paragon has been in a state of Early Access, and players had to buy one of three Founder’s Packs in order to test-drive the game. Starting in August, the developers are going to open up the game to more players as it enters the open beta phase on August 16.

Between now and August, the studio will continue to improve the game, but more importantly, there will be a new hero to play every three weeks. This month’s latest addition is Khaimera, a dual-axe-wielding melee character. He’s also the game’s first duelist-class hero, which means that he excels at isolating enemies for easy kills.

Obviously, you’ll have to wait until the open beta in August to play Khaimera (if you want to play for free, that is), but Epic is still offering its Founder’s Packs, as well as the $59.99 Essentials Edition for the PlayStation 4. Epic Games is also hosting a Free Beta Weekend at some point before the open beta starts. Players can sign up on the Paragon website.

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TypeMultiplayer Online Battle Arena
DeveloperEpic Games
PublisherEpic Games
Release Date2016
PlatformsPC, PlayStation 4
Where To BuyEpic GamesAmazonBest BuyTargetWalmartGameStop

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  • G0nz0
    its going to fail unfortunately. i dont think epic games quite grasps what a moba is. their one defining feature, the deck system, is what will bring its doom. its implemented poorly leaving u no real choice once u start a match. developing the deck in the game is anemic. u may have to build into one of the 2 armor types but that will be your only variable as u try to get the rest of your build your locked into from the start. so beyond armor u have no way to really adjust in a fight. then theres the fact that a newcomer is at a huge card disadvantage till they grind up tons of levels or spend money to buy the cards
  • photonboy
    well, it sounds like they are listening to the community:
  • wifiburger
    seriously this game is total garbage, it's so complex and stupid, they should of have a novice start and as you play you unlock more, too complex right now
  • Colin_10
    I think it is actually a fun game. It has many of the same problems as other MOBAS, but it sure is a lot prettier, and the new perspective on controlling the characters is nice.